Yoga for Beginners

You Can Do It Yoga DVD with Osha Ray


You Can Do It Yoga DVD is for Everyone

You may say to yourself, "I don't know if I can do it."  What if you promised yourself that you will only do what your body feels comfortable doing. Then, “You Can Do It!” Yoga is NOT about trying hard. Don’t be concerned about how well you think you are doing. When you relax and stop trying so hard, you will enjoy practicing yoga.

In this refreshing
yoga video you will hear Osha say encouraging, uplifting, spiritual expressions reminding you to be kind to yourself. This yoga video is unique because it is not just about how to do yoga postures, but how to love yourself while you practice yoga.

This is a Yoga DVD for everyone. This is a Yoga DVD for beginners, this is a Yoga DVD for those who have practiced for many years.
This is a Yoga DVD for young and old, this is a Yoga DVD for those who are fit and for those who want to get into shape.

You will be encouraged to accept yourself now in this moment. You will be reminded to be grateful for what you can do and not put any attention on what you can’t do. When you do that, your body, mind and spirit relaxes and feels a sense of well being.

Treat yourself to a relaxing yet energizing yoga class. It is a no stress approach to enjoying practicing yoga. Osha’s class is a balance of sitting, standing, and lying down yoga postures where you are instructed to be conscious of your breathing while remembering to be grateful and accepting of yourself.
Yoga DVD for beginners