Happy New Year

Signing papers for our new home!

Happy New Year, everyone. If you are reading this, you made it to 2012, oh my! It’s been a rough 2011 for a lot of us and Jim and I are no exceptions. I have been promising I would write and lo and behold, I am finally doing it. One big benefit for me when I do write is that I get to hear from you.

I stopped writing when Jim lost his job. Yes, the job we moved to Nashville for in the first place. When “they” say life is uncertain, “they” weren’t kidding. As you know, from past writings that we even bought a new home here. We were not happy campers to say the least.

As I have said, and do believe, everything happens for a reason – even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time. Jim did get a new job. In fact, he loves his new company. He is a software engineer with 30 years of experience and this company interviewed and tested people from all over the U.S. and Jim was the one they chose. He was mighty proud. Oh, did I mention, his new job is in Memphis which is a 3 and a half to 4 hour drive from Nashville. Some think I have the best of all worlds. Jim has an apartment in Memphis, and I live in our home in Nashville. He comes home every weekend, and I spend a week with him once a month in Memphis. So, it’s like we’re dating. That’s one way to keep your relationship exciting.

Well, while Jim was looking for a new job, I was thinking that I had to find something that is recession proof. I prayed and put my intention out in the Universe and this is what happened. I went to a free movie presented by Transition Nashville. This is an organization that is all about going green. After the movie, I met Lezlie. As it turns out, she was from California and has lived in Nashville for 17 years. She also shared the same spiritual beliefs as I did. I saw all of these things as “signs.”

She invited me to have coffee with her the next week. One of the activities I love doing is going to an artsy coffee house and visiting with someone. Lucky for me, Nashville has many wonderful coffee houses. I told Lezlie my situation which was that we moved to Nashville, bought a home, and my husband wasn’t employed any longer. She told me she partnered with a company that she thought I would be interested in and invited me to take a look at a Delivering Wellness Presentation DVD. I did and liked what I saw. I am all for buying products that contain no harmful chemicals that are affordable. Who doesn’t like saving money after all, and especially when I can partner with a 26 year old, billion $$ company and not have to sell anything to anyone while building a business where I can make hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. No kidding. I would be happy to tell you the details and you can decide for yourself.

Since I was new to the area, I joined two Newcomers Clubs. I didn’t know I was signing up to be invited to the mansion of the week club. It seemed all the coffees, lunches, and activities that weren’t being held at restaurants or Beautiful Country Clubs were in members’ homes that were mansions. My daughter reminded me that I no longer live in Santa Barbara where prices are extremely high. Well, this is true. The new home we bought would cost one million $ in SB. No kidding!! So you all move here and get you an amazing home too. You certainly get more for your money. Our backyard is a deer preserve with a vista view, where deer actually do walk on our lawn!

Speaking of the Newcomers Clubs, I am going to be the Key Note Speaker at a luncheon for over a 100 ladies this Wednesday. Of course, the topic is wellness and fun. I’m going to have them moving as if no one is watching and of course, I will throw in meditation and a self-love exercise. (No, it is not x-rated!)

I joined the YMCA. It is the best thing because there are so many of them and I go to a variety of classes all over Nashville and surrounding areas. Actually there are a lot of Yoga Instructors that I like. Everyone has their own style of teaching, but the one that made me chuckle, is when she ended the class with “Namaste Ye Haw!! That reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw. It said “Namaste Y’all.” You don’t see that in Santa Barbara!

I really am having a great time meeting so many people from many different states and countries. Almost everyone I meet moved here from somewhere else. This is one of the reasons I love it in Nashville. It’s very cosmopolitan.

Simple pleasures: I was thrilled to be able to shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes again. St. Petersburg doesn’t have either. Shopping is fun again. Just had to add this little tid-bit.

 As far as what we’ve been doing, one thing you can be sure of is that if the weather is good, Jim loves to take me sailing on our catamaran on Percy Priest Lake. The lake is surrounded by trees, making it such a serene experience. We also enjoy walking and exploring the many beautiful parks and trails in the area.
Even though Nashville is known for country and western music, we are fortunate to have the most gorgeous Schermerhorn Symphony. We have enjoyed going to that and Blair Music School performances often. If you are in Nashville, you have got to see the Cheekwood Botanical  Garden and Museum of Art. All of these and more is why we love Nashville.    
Sheila, Chris, & Calvin   

Ruby and Maezy

I keep in touch with my lovely daughters via phone, email, skype and Facebook. Having turned 41 years old, my oldest daughter said she just can’t believe she is now in her

Monica in Monterey Half Maraton
 40’s. I can’t believe it either. My grandson, Calvin, and granddaughter, Ruby are turning 4 soon, and my youngest, Maezy will be turning 2 in January. Of course, they are gorgeous and smart! I will be flying out to CA to see them soon. We are all proud of my daughter, Monica, who ran and completed the half marathon in Monterey.   
 Sheila is now working full time as Senior Client Support Specialist at Sonoma County Mental Health.

I encourage those who are not on Facebook to join. It is an easy, efficient way to stay in touch. I post pics, what I am doing, or something I think is important and beneficial for all to see. I plan to learn how to Tweet on Twitter next. A quote from the book, Toward 2012 – Prospectives on the New Year, “As we enter the new paradigm, change is being propelled by people across the globe who realize that they can connect with one another and organize in far more fluid ways than been possible before.” I love staying connected and the social media is an easy way to stay in touch with one another.

My gift for you is to have a New Year’s Special: For the whole month of January, you can buy my Yoga DVD http://www.yogawithosharay.com/  for only $10. For details email osharay@yahoo.com

(A paragraph from my press release)

This is an easy to follow Yoga program with inspirational messages of self-acceptance. It is a feel good video. With Ray’s new DVD, people have an easy, inexpensive healthy way to feel good, especially when feeling low in energy or in spirit. Acceptance is the biggest message. This DVD focuses on the instruction of remembering to be in the present moment and accepting being in the “Now” with gratitude. The philosophy of accepting the present moment helps eliminate stress and creates peace of mind. Traditional Yoga is not about trying hard to achieve anything. The main theme is letting go without feeling pressured to change anything.

I will close with this. May the light shine brightly within you, may it surround you, bless and protect you and yours and may abundance, peace, health and love be part of every breath. Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Prosperous New Year to you and yours. 

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Thank you. Wishing you much love and many magical moments. Hey check out my Yoga DVD. It is an easy to follow Yoga program with inspirational messages of self-love. http://www.youcandoityoga.com/
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