Hello from the You Can Do It Yoga Crew!

Hello Everyone!

In an attempt keep the You Can Do It blog lively, the crew here would like to bring you assorted musings that we think you might like. Be it about yoga, living well, or just making the world a better place, we'd like to pass on stories and ideas that we've found interesting and helpful.

Check back once and a while and see what we're up to...and don't forget to keep an eye out for Osha's inspiring and insightful Friday blog entries! They're the next best thing to taking one of Osha's classes or watching her DVD. No pressure Osha :)

If you're like us, you probably want to protect our beautiful planet, try to make choices that respect your environment, and generally live in harmony with who and what's around you. We try to take our reusable grocery bags shopping, ride our bike or walk if we're making short trips around town, and so on.

One place where I seem to fall short is at the mailbox. I get so many catalogs about stuff I don't even want it drives me nuts. Well, I found a great blog entry from Elaine LaPersonerie over at The Spirited Woman blog about how to "Green" your mailbox. She's got some great tips that might just help us save a tree or two and reduce some waste. Check it out and see if you can try out some of her tips!

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