Happy Friday, everyone. Yes, I have been missing in action. It seems once I stop doing something, it certainly is hard to get started again.

 Boy, it seems there is so much going on with everyone I know – and, no words to even describe what is happening in so many parts of the world. My heart breaks wide open for all who suffer. Love and compassion is key.

Okay, let me begin with my little corner of the world here in Nashville. I have had emails from people asking if I had taken them off my list since they haven’t heard from me. This is how it is when I get this way. If I hear from you on Facebook, or if you email or call me, I will reply. In fact, as you know, when I write my blog, I always write personal notes to whoever writes to me. I love staying in touch and this is one way I can stay connected to you all.

I was having a bout with weekly migraines that were just taking me out. I finally went to a neurologist and am now on a daily preventative medication. Most of you know how I am into a healthy lifestyle that includes organic food and healthy supplements. Taking medication is not something I like to do. Okay, I just had to surrender and try something else, or adapt to my new lifestyle of being pretty much bedridden. That just isn’t my style. The medication is working so I have to take my hat off to Western medicine even though I thought I could conquer all with anything that was an alternative to medication.

Lately, I have been on a homemaker kick going through my many cook books, buying a crockpot, making stews, cooking chili, and experimenting with lots of soup recipes.

It's fun exploring the bounty of produce at the Farmer's Market.

 I love being in our kitchen and I guess Jim does too, since he could be upstairs, but chooses to use the kitchen as his home office because of the great view.

Next, we are going to learn how to garden, mulch, compost, and all that comes with our first step in sustainable living. I found The Green Book, The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, which is really good for only $1 on Amazon used books. Another great book for saving money while going green is Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers.

 The real eye opener was Diet For A Hot Planet by Anna Lappe, which tells us about the climate crisis and what you can do about it.  I guess I have been reading a lot. Being informed is powerful.

And, while you are at it, you must see Fuel, the movie. You can rent it on Netflix, etc. Wow, we can do so much to go towards sustainable energy and better health, and away from depleting all resources and death and destruction.

I  joined the YMCA, and oh my, what a treat out here. There are many of them all over the place. I collected schedules and go to a variety of yoga classes all week long. Being able to swim in their pool, sit in the sauna and spa, and meet people is a big plus. Moving is one quick way of losing all of your friends. So, whoever is reading this, know that I truly miss you a lot.

Another thing I did was join - not one - but two newcomers groups. Lots of activities including playing Bunco. Didn't even know that was still being played until my daughter, Sheila, invited me to join her when I was visiting her.

There is a big, beautiful Baha'i Center close to our home so I popped in a few times. This faith is all about peace and brotherhood which is something I have believed all of my entire life. There are many religions that are about that philosophy, but what was so extra wonderful was how very friendly everyone is. Jim and I haven't joined anything, but we are sure enjoying the hospitality of being invited to dinners, prayer, and socializing.   
One of the local coffee houses with an unappealing name of The Frothy Monkey.

We are having a ball enjoying many activities in the Nashville area that are free including great symphonies, museums, beautiful walking trails, wonderful libraries, festivals, great sites to see, art receptions, etc.
Yes, it wouldn't be St. Patty's day if Jim wasn't performing Irish jigs somewhere. Here we are at Boscos in Nashville.

Oh, I forgot to mention what I have been doing about my business. I had decided once we moved here, I was going to focus on a couple of things rather than doing many as I have been doing most of my life. I was going to stop teaching yoga classes and being a wedding officiant to do seminars and promote my Yoga DVD. I got my first paid “gig” when I arrived. I was introduced to Jim’s co-workers. The sales manager asked what I did, and then asked if I could lead a Wellness Seminar for her sales team as their Xmas gift. I loved doing it and they loved me. I was a hit!! Now, I am working on my new website and will be promoting my seminars.

Now it is time to share words of wisdom. This is from the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale. “Instead of stating intentions, say or think something like this. ‘Wherever I’ll be or do, will be far better than what I can imagine now.’ When you surrender to a greater power, miracles happen. Don’t complain. Watch your thoughts and words. Repeat the words, ‘I love you’ often to yourself and others. Repeating that helps clean old memories, programs, and limitations. Love transmutes stuck energy. Love it all.”

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